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EVO Oil 2022 - 0.5 Lt

Extra-virgin Organic Olive Oil - Marciano - 2022

Bott. 0,50 Lt

Organoleptic Notes and Pairings

Colour: intense green with yellow-golden notes

Bouquet: fruity, intense, with pleasant hints of asparagus and artichoke

Taste: delicate and persistent, slightly bitter

Perfect foil with: it is suitable for all types of good food and its most famous combinations are with game, red meats, preferably roasted, legumes, boiled meats, soups and any other earth dish. Also suitable for recipes of fish, seafood, shellfish, and boiled meats. Fantastic with toasted bread & salt, salads and vegetables of every season.


From the 800 olive trees adjacent to our Agriturismo Marciano we produce the precious Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: an extremely limited production with remarkable nutritional and organoleptic properties. The low value of acidity and peroxides, the high content of Vit. E, polyphenols, phytosterols and chlorophylls, the composition of fatty acids (which shows a predominant presence of oleic acid (monounsaturated) and polyunsaturated fatty acids) make the EVO oil Marciano is a quality biological product, rich in precious substances for our psycho-physical well-being. This group of qualitative characteristics is the result of a set of factors that act in synergy: the production area, the climatic conditions, the olive variety, the traditional cultivation methods, the harvest at the right degree of ripeness and the short times between harvest and cold pressing of the drupes.


Denomination: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Area of production: Siena

Varietal composition: 70% Frantoio 20% Moraiolo 10% Leccino

Harvesting: 2022

Environment sustainability: organic oil

Acidity: less than 0.2 %

Number of bottles: 500

Average altitude: 300 mt a.s.l.

Type of soil: tophus soil with clayey intrusion, rich in fine skeleton

Olive Trees: 800

Time of Harvesting: mid-October / mid-November

Harvesting: by hand and handling of olives in small boxes of 15 kg

Pressing: within 24 hours of harvesting with cold pressing

Storage: in stainless steel tanks

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