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Canaiolo PE 2022

IGT Toscana Rosso "Canaiolo" - 2022 - Organic

Personal Edition - Bott. 0,75 Lt

Organoleptic Notes and Pairings

Colour: deep ruby red with purplish nuances

Bouquet: fruity (cherry, black cherry, wild berries) and floral (evident aroma of violet) with evident spicy notes on which stands out the "black pepper", characteristic varietal spice

Taste: very soft, harmonious, fresh and persistent, with great drinkability.

To be served at: 18°C

Perfect foil with: pasta with red sauces based on vegetables and meats, pesto, stewed fish, young cheeses, raw and cooked ham, tempura fried vegetables, red meats cooked in salt, roasted white meats and young cheeses.


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The Canaiolo nero (Canaiolo black) is an ancient grape variety native to Tuscany, used in the past to mellow the Chianti.Twenty years ago, in our winery in Siena, out of academic curiosity, we vinified it in purity: provided with a tricky character, he behaves like a capricious child, he wants extreme attention, it requires a considerable amount of time, but in the end the result pays the effort. It is a wine with marked varietal characteristics: from the evident black peppery smell and taste to the sweet aroma of violet and not least the smoothness of its tannins.  It is a wine with marked varietal characteristics: from the evident black pepper to the smell and taste, to the sweet aroma of violet and not least the sweetness of its tannins.  Our Canaiolo Special Edition wine, born from a young vineyard, in which we planted self-produced rooted cuttings of Canaiolo nero made with buds from the old plant, in order to remove from genetic erosion such a rare and precious vine, defined as the "Pinot Noir" of Tuscany for its softness and ease of drinking.


Denomination: IGT Toscana Rosso Canaiolo

Area of production: Siena

Varietal composition: 100% Canaiolo nero

Harvesting: 2022

Environment sustainability: organic wine

Alcoholic content: 13,0%

Number of bottles: 600

Average altitude of the vineyards: 280 mt a.s.l.

Type of soil: tophus soil with clayey intrusion, rich in fine skeleton

Yield per hectare: 3500 Kg

Thickness of implantation: 4870 vinestocks/Ha

Growing system: guyot

Time of Harvesting: last decade of September

Harvesting: selection of bunches only picked by hand and handling of grapes in small boxes of 15 kg

Vinification: traditional red winemaking with co-inoculation

Type of fermentation tanks: stainless steel of small capacity

Fermentation Temperature: 26°C

Fermentation period: 14 days

Ripening: in steel

Time of bottling: from October after Harvesting

Refinement in bottle: at least 6 months

Capacity of aging: medium (5 to 6 years after harvesting)

Data sheet

Red Wine
Varietal composition
Capacity of aging
6 years
Aging in wood

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