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Chianti Colli Senesi 2020 - Package Size M - 12 Bottles

Package Size M - Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG - 2020 - Organic

12 Bott. 0,75 Lt

Organoleptic Notes and Pairings

Colour: deep ruby red, verging on garnet with aging

Bouquet: medium complexity, fruity notes with evident hints of cherry, flowers, spices and minerals

Taste: with medium structure, balanced, fresh and persistent

To be served at: 18°C

Perfect foil with: it is a typical wine that, according to tradition, goes with the everyday meal: pasta with red sauces of meat or vegetables, carbonara, lasagne, tortellini, legume soups, grilled red meat, stewed vegetables. It is fantastic in combination with Tuscan snacks based on bread with salami, sausage, ham, finocchiona, coppa, vegetables in oil and medium-aged cheese.


Our Chianti Colli Senesi Personal Edition was born from the ancient peculiarity of this centuries-old wine aimed at interpreting a new tradition.  The vines used are those used at the time, only native and Tuscan, red and white. The clusters of Sangiovese, which make up 95% of our Chianti, are those of the oldest plants we have on the farm, which ripen well beyond the time of the new clones, small and sparse clusters, but with a thick skin rich in polyphenols and flavours, crunchy and sugary.


Denomination: Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG

Area of production: Siena

Varietal composition: Sangiovese 95%, Canaiolo nero 3%, Malvasia bianca and Trebbiano toscano 2%

Harvesting: 2020

Environment sustainability: Organic Wine

Alcoholic content: 14,0%

Number of bottles: 30.000

Average altitude: 280 mt a.s.l.

Type of soil: Pliocene clayey soil with intrusion of calcareous sand

Yield per hectare: 7000 Kg

Thickness of plants: 2800 to 5000 vinestocks/Ha

Growing system: guyot, spur-pruning system

Time of Harvesting: second decade of October

Harvesting: selection of bunches only picked by hand and handling of grapes in boxes of 300 kg

Vinification: traditional red winemaking with co-inoculation

Type of fermentation tanks: stainless steel of small capacity

Fermentation Temperature: 26°C

Duration of fermentation: 14 days

Ripening: stainless steel tanks of small capacity and secondpass barriques

Time of bottling: from October after Harvesting

Refinement in bottle: at least 2 months

Capacity of aging: medium (3 to 6 years after harvesting)

Data sheet

Red Wine
Varietal composition
Capacity of aging
6 years
Aging in wood
4 months
12 bottles

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