IGT Toscana Rosso “Passito” - Organic - Personal Edition - 12 Bott. 0,75 Lt

Passito PE 2018 - Package Size M - 12 Bottles

Package Size M - IGT Toscana Passito - 2018 - Organic

Personal Edition - 12 Bott. 0,375 Lt

Organoleptic Notes and Pairings

Colour: intense golden colour with amber hightlights

Bouquet: wide, rich and aromatic, raisins, apricot jam mixed with notes of vanilla 

Taste: sweet, gentle, full and soft, harmonic, intense and persistent

To be served at: 16°C

Perfect foil with: aperitif matches well with soft, spicy cheeses and with goose liver, ricotta pastries, cream pastries, dried fruits and nougat. Excellent meditation wine.


Since 1995 we have been thinking and trying to make a sweet Passito wine that stirs both body and spirit: a few golden clusters of Malvasia and Trebbiano ripened under the Tuscan sun, delicately picked and placed in small boxes one by one in the ventilated room for the long drying period. Weekly check of the sugar concentration and, usually a few days before Christmas, the pressing. A must that exudes aromas of apricot, peach, plum that bring back to mind to the summer that has long since passed.  the mind to the summer that has long since passed. We fill a barrique with this nectar and let the fermentation take its course. A long and hard work that, only after a long time and not always, repays the sacrifices.The passito is the wine of the soul, spirit and forgotten emotions. We only bottle it in vintages that meet these expectations.


Denomination: IGT Toscana Passito 

Area of production: San Gimignano

Varietal composition: 50% Malvasia Bianca, 50% Trebbiano

Harvesting: 2018

Alcoholic content: 15,0%

Number of bottles: 1000

Average altitude of the vineyards: 280 mt a.s.l.

Type of soil: Pliocene medium clayey soil, with intrusion of calcareous sand

Yield per hectare: 10 Quintals

Thickness of implantation: 2400 vinestocks/Ha

Growing system: spur-pruning system

Time of Harvesting: first decade of September

Harvesting: selection of bunches only picked by hand and handling of grapes in 10kg tanks

Vinification: drying of the grapes in controlled ventilation (20 days), gentle pressing and cold fermentation

Type of fermentation tanks: stainless steel  of small capacity

Fermentation Temperature: 16°C

Fermentation period: 24 days

Ripening: stainless steel tanks of small capacity and barriques 

Time of bottling: from the  48th month after harvesting

Refinement in bottle: at least 2 months

Capacity of aging: high (10-20 years after harvesting)

Data sheet

Sweet Wine
Varietal composition
Vernaccia di San Gimignano
Capacity of aging
20 years
Aging in wood
36 months
12 bottles

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